250, v. Dei Crederi - 24045 Fara Gera d'Adda (BG)   tel: 0363 399184 - fax: 0363 398828 - info@mollefumagalli.com

Production and sale of springs
officina lavorazione molle

Construction of metal springs
F. Fumagalli is a company of reference in the sector for the production and sale of springs, an activity which requires great technical competence, the use of suitable technology and high quality materials.

Spring product range
Synonymous with experience and professionalism, this company in Fara Gera d'Adda has set itself apart in over 50 years of business thanks to the quality of its products, capable of satisfying all types of client demands. The company produces a complete range of metal springs including:
compression springs
• traction springs
• torsion springs, both simple and double
• shaped springs
• springs for valves.

Industrial applications
Fundamental components in various production sectors, metal springs are used in a variety of industrial sectors such as:
• pneumatics
• fluid power
• electronics
• lighting engineering
• hobbies.

The company uses only the most modern and technologically advanced torsion and shaping machines available on the market for spring processing, making it possible to achieve the most complex shapes, depending on the client's requirements.


Thanks to a broad and varied production, F. Fumagalli is able to provide services to the majority of companies in northern Italy, in particular those active in the provinces of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia.